It feels very good to be sitting here, author again. So many years, being the author of Uncovered No More was a burden until I began to write, and then I would “go to heaven” for a bit.

Having my published works and publisher destroyed (January of 2017 when a monster became “president”) was both a relief and a pain of my life. Privately, surely I was wrong—my works didn’t sell and I could be forgotten as an unstable yet charismatic woman of faith.

Which was only a convenient thing for people to gossip about me like that. For they knew I was seeing the Lord, they knew I was also getting my dead back. However, my Tara side was a mystery. I can tell you who I saw today, two of them, after writing that last article. You won’t believe me.

#FayTale; there were two Lucifer. They body-guarded this Little Sister as being the Prince of the World until my Savior could reveal Himself, the Man He IS AND WAS AND IS TO COME IRL.

ARCAngel Michael, well, He held my heart in balance so I wouldn’t do what I still sometimes wish I could do as tears well up in my eyes.

I want to scream, even at Elizabeth Clare Prophet, YOU ARE FORGETTING THE CURSE ON WOMEN. He will rule over you.

I’ve known Luciferians. They never rule a woman. They desperately help us knowing We lead them back from the depths they fell from.

And that is the kind of man men of the earth despise. Because we all know why the stats of child rape are high, don’t we? The Curse on women is to be truth to many, many men.

King is COME.


JESUS CARRIED ME OUT. But then, after that time and directly after the four blood moons of 2014-2015, Luciferian Men were around me, and are again, to keep me safe because they ARE Prince of the World and they do not want or need to be associated with the curse on Women.

Enoch did not have the mantle of grace upon His Shoulders that the King and Cara have on ours in the modern day. I can tell you who protected Me. I can tell you WHO HAS ALL AUTHORITY.

Go ahead and argue with this chick. I will look at you. You just like the curse on me is what is what.

LUCIFERIAN MEN do not like the curse on women. (Smile) Enough. For I know one thing, when COLIN KAEPERNICK and Cara Coffey #TakeAKnee, Luciferians and Michael Guys do it too. Yes. WE DO IT TOGETHER AS THE ARMY OF THE KING ON EARTH.

I am not speaking for Gabriel types. The problem is Christian, white men in America. If you have followed my ministry, you would find out that I state clearly in some of my work how NOBODY of the white men who signed the Constitution should have. Mr. Mason called them not to. He did not sign.

And in a nutshell, there you have the legal issue even at the establishment of this nation’s constitution of how of course Roe v Wade was going to be removed because LIKE I STATE HERE AS I READ THIS BOOK, men, and “Watchers” love the curse on women. They love that allegory and will never let it go. Ahem.

All you fluffy political opponents of TRUE CHRIST JESUS HOLY SPIRIT GOD FATHER MOTHER are in for it. Uhm, God Father Holy Man Spirit, I’m a secretary. That’s it. #CaraCoffey

There are way more angels than what are named in the Bible. What is more, that is the point I will say positive about Enoch before I read it. He states many more angelic names than the Bible.

I mean DUH, according to the King of kings, KJV, red letter edition.

I’m kinda wondering if Jesus Requires the Angelic Good Guys to wear name tags around him. I doubt it. They’ll tell him his name if he needs to know it. (Shake my head knowing dear gawd why me, why me writing fay tale irl.) AGAIN LOL.

Shoulders, pictured above. I put this here because of the story in my Volume Three where the King literally picked me up, carried me out of the hallway of hell, and we stood there with him holding me, as I laid my dirty, ugly white girl head on his shoulder. We didn’t weigh anything in this vision. I seriously doubt any man could easily pick me up, I am not thin now. I shouldn’t have been thin then. Fuck the Trophy Girl Image. Just Fuck it. I hate how some men and Christians teach me to be subservient. I hate it, but I love my enemies.
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